A trained scientist with a doctorate in Physics, for the last 5 years I have run one of the UK’s largest energy efficiency consultancies BPH Energy Assessments Limited. Said consultancy has been responsible for the delivery of approximately 40,000  EPC certificates since its incorporation in 2016. 

Prior to BPH Energy Assessments I spent 12 years in academia from the year 2000 when I left high school until 2012 when I received my PhD. During said 12 years I achieved 4 degrees which are discussed in detail in the qualifications section of this website. As well as several publications which are discussed in the publications section of this website.

During the 3 year gap from leaving academia in 2012 until setting up BPH energy assessments in 2015, I have had several jobs including teaching and Energy and Climate change officer which are discussed on my linkedin profile.